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Injecting Science

into Cannabis

About Us

ICD Pharma is developing Cannabis-based medicines, which will soon be available for patients and doctors around the world. 

Our product pipeline includes Cannabis-based products in unique formulations, based on a portfolio of proprietary pharmaceutical delivery technologies, developed to address a variety of unmet clinical needs.

Based on many years of pharmaceutical development and with a track record of numerous drugs brought to market, we are creating a portfolio of best-in-class Cannabis-based therapies relying on novel formulations.

About Us
Our Vision

ICD Pharma's vision is to

become a global leader in development of Cannabis

based medicines for better,

more effective and patient friendly care.

Our Vision

What we do

What we do

Breakthrough technologies Improved performance

Better patients experience

Oral High
Dose Capsules
Colonic Release
Cannabis Tablets
Absorption Solids
Skin Penetrating
Cannabis Cream
Cannabis Infused
Flavoured Syrups
Synergistic Anti-Inflammatory
Cannabis Cream

What Patients Say

"It is always a battle to give Jane the oil, she dislikes the taste and when we mixed it with yogurt and other food, we never know how much she really consumes.

I wish there was non-oily, tasty syrup that she can take with a smile"


ICD Pharma Founders

Dr. Doron Friedman

30 years of innovative formulations development.

More than 70 patents in the US/EU alone.


Expert in drug delivery systems. 

Best seller products, FDA approved, selling worldwide under the leading brands including Bauch & Lomb, Bayer, Dr. Reddy's and more.

Eran Tor

25 years of CEO and leadership experience in consumer brand and retail management around the world.

CEO/GM/founder experience: Merisent and Mafco, iDigital, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever.


Branding expertise across consumer segments: Apple ,Nurofen, Strepsils,

Dove, Knorr, Finish, Magnum, Durex

and many more.

Eran Perry

20 years of management and investment experience, life science

VC investments, entrepreneurship,

and big pharma.

Co-founder and board member of pharmaceutical startup companies.

Formerly a partner in Israel Healthcare Ventures (IHCV) with $200 million under management in medical device, pharma,

and biotech startups.


​Formerly in McKinsey, Novartis,

D.E. Shaw & Co.

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injecting Science into Cannabis and Improving Patients' Care.

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